M&P 003 Deconstructing! #1

Deconstructing the godfather!

We were asked to choose a movie, book, or a song/album to deconstruct a concept that we get from this source.

I was overwhelmed by the choices i had.
I Love movies, i read lots of books, and of course music is someone i’m obsessed with!
but not to lose track I decided to narrow my options to books and movies. and to make sure i get as many people knowing about my source i chose a book that was later on made into motion pictures.
The Godfather by Mario Puzo.
IMG_8468 (1).jpg
I decided to go with the book not the movies ( the book includes the first and second vol of them movies) and since i’ve read the book a 100 times!
the concepts that i came up with were :
-The political relationships between the mafia “families” and within the family itself “it’s business, nothing personal”.
-committing a crime to benefit.( how crimes were justified in order to get the personal matters done! revenge!)
-morals and ethics VS family business. ( how the mafia families had ethics and even religious believes that would be diminished for the sake of the “family business”)
at the end i chose the Political relationships!