M&P 003 Deconstructing! #1

Deconstructing the godfather!

We were asked to choose a movie, book, or a song/album to deconstruct a concept that we get from this source.

I was overwhelmed by the choices i had.
I Love movies, i read lots of books, and of course music is someone i’m obsessed with!
but not to lose track I decided to narrow my options to books and movies. and to make sure i get as many people knowing about my source i chose a book that was later on made into motion pictures.
The Godfather by Mario Puzo.
IMG_8468 (1).jpg
I decided to go with the book not the movies ( the book includes the first and second vol of them movies) and since i’ve read the book a 100 times!
the concepts that i came up with were :
-The political relationships between the mafia “families” and within the family itself “it’s business, nothing personal”.
-committing a crime to benefit.( how crimes were justified in order to get the personal matters done! revenge!)
-morals and ethics VS family business. ( how the mafia families had ethics and even religious believes that would be diminished for the sake of the “family business”)
at the end i chose the Political relationships!

Methods & Processes OBJECT Project #3

Task#3 !


COLLAGE ! yes now we actually started collaging our signs to form an actual poster !

so i started playing around with the images and came with two drafts of what i want my poster to look like

and thanks to our critique session Faheem (one of my classmates) helped me realize that i was heading towards  “pattern making” with one of my designs instead of creating a poster!




as for my second design , Sara AlAfifi pointed out that i have found an interesting background for my actual poster! (YAY)


Methods & Processes OBJECT Project #2

Task #2

now i didn’t really pay much attention during the briefing of the first task ! ^_^”

but we actually had to choose 5 keywords ” to identify our objects within the narrative.”

the keywords that i believe identified my project were:








Now a huge part of this project was to understand the major 4 categories in which the audience will view the final product of this project>>the Poster.

the categories are:


the problem is I missed two classes where the students did a certain activity to figure out how the object is preserved from other people’s perspective!

in order for me to somehow catch up with the information i need to gather, i used snapchat to get different people’s perspective regarding my object ^_^’


and i got a quick respond from some friends , which was enough for me to see and identify which falls under YOU US and THEM.




the following Task is to start experimenting with materials where we can show the meaning of our words through << i know confusing! :S

to be honest, i started experimenting with new materials , wax , play-doh , i even thought of going deep with some of the words and their meanings << and that’s when i felt lost ! and that time of the semester i was already losing focus on my studies getting mixed up with social life!


so i decided to go back to previous projects i’ve done the past year and find my words in them instead . and from there try and categories these objects/scans/photos under the three types of signs!




Class Notes

ENTER Ebi in Freshman year work!


the Note Book : Index : HIDE


Mask Illustrations: ICON : MASK


9 collage.jpgDSC_0015.jpgDSC_0034.jpg

The Stamp: Index : Hide



Baby eyes: Symbol/Index : True Self


9 collage other sidecircle.jpg

Collage work : Index : ART



KRINK Paint: index : Festival

baby me.jpg

Baby image of Ebi : Index/Symbol : True Self


Image of the mask : Index : MASK



Methods & Processes OBJECT Project #1

Task #1

without any details on where the project is heading towards, we were introduced on the first week to a bunch of objects that professor Leland brought with him.

in order for us to understand the first task! which is choosing an object that has a significant meaning/importance to us! the first step is bringing this object and write a 150-200 words describing this object and why is it important? now Law and Leland made sure that we are capable of describing the object with strong vocabulary , and words that can transfer the feelings we have towards this object!



Class Notes

Venetian Mask


The Mask:

  • It’s something that I’ve always wanted to have, the first time I saw a venetian mask was on a movie called the “Entrapment”.
  • The mask was my 21st birthday gift from my older sister, it also was the last object I received before having a life tormenting incident.
  • The incident had me get grounded (locked in a room) for 8 months. For the entire time I was locked in the room i would be staring at the objects in my room the mask was placed on my table across the bed so it was the most item I looked at while thinking of the incident, of life decisions, even when I was trying to escape reality id be staring at the mask.
  • Reading novels was a recovery method I used at that time. At some days I’d put the mask on while reading certain novels, to isolate myself from all the negativity I was surrounded by.
  • Even though this mask was introduced to me during a very hard depressing and even mentally damaged phase, yet somehow I felt like the mask had an empowering effect.
  • I’ve always been fascinated by comic books and superheroes; Batman is one of my favorite DC comics superheroes. I started relating my relationship to the mask like Bruce Wayne’s relationship to bats in general, how he made the thing he fears the most his armor. For me the mask that was associated to the worst period of my life became my empowering armor facing the world after reaching my weakest state physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  • For me whenever I picture myself as a superhero or close my eyes to see the strong side of me this mask would be on me, part of my costume, and part of my armor.