Zine #3


I got multiple people giving me feedback on different aspects of the Zine’s design:


Amira, Aaqifa, Maha , Mohammad, MiMi


1.Audience ID : Needs a different side of the fan’s interest not only the tools in history (alter the articles or look for more )

2.Typography : The title’s Typeface doesn’t match the text (article Typeface) (later on I figure the scans weren’t good so I re-did them :/). ,
orphan text, typo, grammer…etc!


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  1. No colors, keep it black and white and maybe add Red only!
  2. Portrait needs more colors !


Check Sections:
Featured Article
Articles 2
Credits : Simple Citation (feedback)
Portrait : find a tool and wear it or make one!
Personal Essay : write a story from childhood on the first encounter with any sort of torture tool!


The self Portrait :-


So I used a bag chain + A pimple popping tool to make an equivalent to a chocker torture tool ( and yep I got hurt along the way!, which inspired having real blood on the cover of the Zine!)




Zine #2

First Spreads experimenting :-

The Church/BDSM article spread experimenting!

I printed images with similar darkness of Greyscale. (Printed them black and white ) and printed a scan image of the bible , a quote about mercy from the bible also (showing how contradicting the fact the bible says you should be merciful but the church invents torture tools! ) and I cut out the images , and ripped the text to layer them later on ?(collage ?) on the bible page scan!.

I did it the first time and realized one of the images didn’t do a proper crossover (it was a tiny bit, so i had to do it again and drag the image so it would be the middle of the page ) .

STRUGGLE! class critique, I couldn’t put my spreads on the wall during the critique because it had nudes, Maha and Maryam told me that maybe next class I could figure out a way to cover the nude parts with color or tape, so I can have a proper critique without my classmates fraun upon my work and start blabbering about “ebi got nudes on her zine”.


Scan 1.jpeg


later on by adding the title and covering the part I thought I would be criticized the most on. I got to keep the morbid side of my Zine and avoiding girls commenting on how it has “nudes” !.

I struggled with the photos in this article they had a white background, and whenever I place them on the bible scan it wouldn’t show properly and I would have to creat a darker background for the photos, so instead I thought I can create a negative (as in inverting white black and black white) effect for the scan! and it would match the concept of how the church’s torturing methods been inverted into a sexual pleasing tools!…Scan 10.jpg



unlike my classmates, I didn’t want to make a book then make the spreads, instead I actually made every spread on its on then figured out how to put them all on the Zine. ( which we were advised during class, but somehow everyone decided to make a book first)



Possible Sub-Culture:

“Torture Tools” , Face Painting , Action Figures.

Chosen Sub-Culture: (Morbid Torture Tools).

Possible topics related : Movies, Clothing , Devices, Engineering, History

Zine Sources:


13 Most Shocking Torture Devices Used in History


10 Worst Torture Devices


The Instruments of Torture

by Michael Kerrigan



BDSM Torture Devices Invented by the Church


jigsaw 2018 spolier


27 Movies That’ll Freak You Out With Their Torture


Kinetic Typography #3 Final

final post an overall reflection.


Technicial :

I had a techichnical problem with my laptop, it was too slow and the program would shut down suddenly so I had to save after every single step to my laptop and the external hard disk.

Expressing with type only:

Watching kinetic typography videos, kept me struggling with coming up with ways to express the words with type only without using shapes and images.

Gained skills:


Watching tutorials videos on youtube was somewhat helpful, but not really as helpful as actually trying the tools on my own, discovering more options that weren’t mentioned in the tutorials. Even though this method got me using multiple tools to make one action (which some might think it’s time consuming) but I find that I found out the function of multiple tools instead of one (and to me that’s a plus!)


Converting StoryBoard to a visual graphic video:

Like any design project it’s not news that throughout the process of making/designing your initial plan will be altered, but with this project. the alteration wasn’t cause of the possibility of achieving the effect, as much as if this effect will still serve the final purpose (the type to be readable and match the audio).


What would I do next time?

Things I would differently:

maybe try to practice drawing a shape with type (faces, portraits, mountains) on illustrator and then translate that into After Effects.

avoid watching already made videos, and look up techniques instead of final made videos.

get the opinion of different viwers, from people who didn’t watch the video with me throughout making it, to get a clear feedback.