Problems Faced:

-Filming: Using the snapchat glasses, and filming in multiple places that I had no control over made it hard for me to manage the  Mise en-scene of my video. so I had to let go of a lot of footage that I cannot retake.

– Making the footage fit 30 seconds was the hardest task, I had to let go of a lot of footage !.

Learning Outcomes:

– it’s not a MUST to create a story-board, and this is the first time I’ve made a video without having a story-board. but along the way a plan will be created, probably thought out the editing and montage phase.

– After editing, sometimes you realize you need to re-take some shots!

– using visuals with sounds to explain the purpose of the video (they’re thoughts or sounds in the head)! without showing too much nor SAYING anything!.

Gained Skills:

– using snapchat glasses as a tool to film longer than 10sec videos.
– premiere editing skills/ effects, audio editing.


Creating a second video.

in the morning of our final class, (3:00AM) I had a very low moment emotionally and I would paint my face to feel better. which made me wonder why is that?
so I remembered a line my friend Amira told me in sophomore year ” you will always be the closest thing to a magical creature to my future children”. And that’s when I started thinking, my true nature is that I’m magical with my own magical powers, and that’s the essence of my identity. so I got up and start setting up a station to film a stop motion video of me unrevealing my true nature to the Mula Reflection song scene.


Tasmeem: “in a blinkS of my eyes? & sounds from my mind” Post 2 Research



-Footage and experimentation with the Snapchat glasses.

Snpectacles instructions!

Toole Research:

What are Spectacles?

They’re connected sunglasses that record video snippets that get saved to your Snapchat Memories. Its camera has a 115-degree lens meant to more closely approximate how humans see. The glasses will cost $130, come in one size, and be available in three colors: black, teal, and coral.

How do I use Spectacles?

Tap the button on the top left-hand corner of the sunglasses to begin recording a snap. It will automatically stop recording after 10 seconds — but if you want additional recording time, you can tap again to add another 10-second increment.

How do I know I’m recording?

There is an inward-facing light that turns on when you’re snapping, and an outward-facing light that alerts anyone in your field of vision.

What if I don’t have my phone while I’m recording?

You can use the glasses as a standalone device — they’ll store the snaps until you return to your phone.

What format do the glasses record in?

They’re in a new “circular” meant to mimic the way the human eye sees. When you’re watching your snaps back on your phone, they can be played back in either landscape or portrait orientation. (Snapchat crops them accordingly.)


Premier Editing

to create a blinking effect, I speeded up the parts I wanted the blink to be during. then cut the footage to small parts to have control over the speed of the blinking, and deleted a few clips according to a speed blinking system.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 11.45.06 PM.png



since the idea of the audio is the sounds in my head, then it’s only logical that my own sound would represent it!. but also I have to tell you I have odd random voices in my head.

Main scenes and music sounds and thoughts that come to mind when I pass by them!

scene 1
Driving a car – Audio: “Shut up and drive ~, I don’t have a license !”
Part of a Rihanna Song- then a mind thought.

scene 2
Walking in Education City– Audio : ” Walking the mile , walking the green green mile”
from the script of the movie “GREEN MILE”.

Scene 3
Holding a balloon– Audio: ” I believe I can Fly”
Part of a song.

Scene 4
Gathering around Maha for her Birthday– Audio: ” WE ARE FAMILY”.
Part of a song ” we are family” by sister sledge.

Scene 5
Walking into Amira working in class–Audio: ” It’s the coco fruit, from the Natsha Family ya ya ya ya ya”
Song Parody to the Coconut song.

scene 6
Leland’s office door– Audio “dun dun dun dunnn da dunn da da dunn”.
Star Wars Darth Vader Theme music.

scene 7
passing by Afifi at the studio–Audio” Music”
from the Godfather theme song.

Scene 8
The back of Hind, while working–Audio:”Music”
Interstiller Soundtrack!

scene 9
Leaving through the elevator–Audio :” Bella Ciao Bella Ciao …..”
Original revolutionary Italian song, Famous for its use in the spanish show “La casa De papel”.

Tasmeem: “in a blinkS of my eyes? & sounds from my mind” Post 1 Research


10 weirdest videos on youtube.!

  • I looked up weird videos hoping to get inspired by the style of odd unique videos.
    *From this video, I noticed that the themes of these videos kind of remind me of my Zine and I wanted to stay away from that side for now

Footloose  – Kenny Loggins from the movie ‘FootLoose’

  • I looked up this song, cause I remember it when I was a kid I was amazed on how the clips of feet/shoes could be so interesting for me than the rest.
  • I was inspired to try film my feet only, or hands only and look up ways of making them interesting like this video.

Blow Torch Customized Google Glass

  • After Taking my friend’s SnapChat Spectacles to experiment
  • there’s a scene of random shots blinking, I used a similar technique to create my eye blink effect throughout my video.!


X-Acto Cutting (My Freshman Project)
<p><a href=”″>X-Acto Final Level</a> from <a href=”″>Ebi Okei</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


  • I noticed that I didn’t take care much of the ‘ Mise-en-scène ‘ of my set. and kept a note to make sure I do when I make my video!
  • Also I decided to do something completely out of my comfort zone and experiment with a camera and a style I haven’t done!





Mulan Reflection

  • the song cover and the movement is taken from this scene from the Disney movie MULAN.

  • I used this cover’s audio for the start of my video.


Zine #4 FINAL

Final Zine Reflection:-


Struggles :

  • being able to scan with one scanner at VCU, was not an easy job, not only that but also when you create a good scan and just want to alter one thing , it’s not as easy as using photoshop or illustrator where if you make a mistake then you can go back to what you already had. and I’ve told myself I WILL NOT RELAY ON ANY PROGRAM! <<< which I did regret at the end ! … a bit..
  • Trying to design a morbid based Zine, and ask for feedback from my classmates who weren’t into that sub-culture and kept on occasionally telling me ” find another topic”. to get a critical feedback wasn’t easy.
  • forgetting the basics of Type design (TYPOGRAPHY I ) at some point throughout designing this Zine I forgot the basic rules of typography designing , orphan text, counting characters. and thanks to one of those you gave me feedback I was reminded of that ! and felt that sometimes I get too focused on coming up with something creative and forget the basics!
  • I didn’t have one master Zine (most girls would have one book that they made copies out of ) for me I would keep on having multiple scans , so my final “Master COPY” was multiple scans , that every time I scan I add something else and change something in it. especially the cover, cause after printing the first copy, I added the blood then scanned the cover with the blood on it all over gain.


Learned :

  • As a designer I have the ability to create something well designed yet not 100% relaying on programs for it !.
  • some techniques of scanning that help me get the effects that we know how to get by a click on photoshop!
  • a product that can be mass produced cheaply doesn’t have to be cheaply designed !IMG_0430