TYPE Final Poster #2 and Finale

WORD FINAL with lines.jpg






even though it was a very short (time wise) kind of project but i think i learned more from it in terms of ‘design’.


  • figuring out the right size for the paragraph in relation to the size of the poster and make sure it is visible but not (too big like kids book).
  • finding the right place for the Letter (Logo). and making sure it’s not a boring or cheesy place.
  • working with colors for the text that would suit the poster and at the same time would show the text.
  • finding the right type face for the paragraph and the sentence in relationship to the the type face of the WORD.
  • making sure that my paragraph doesn’t lose it’s meaning (by cutting it to parts) and the parts should fit in the possible positions i found based on the alignment!
  • having a design/system/method that works with the backyard and the new elements i’m placing!


I learned:-

  • not any empty space is always the right place to put text on.
  • even though it was my struggle, i learned how to work with color of the text and the backyard (poster).
  • Text are objects!
  • being able to place a logo (that makes no sense) on an organic poster!



what i would do better:-

  • I would try more with different compositions, and print them on A1 sized paper (to make it easier to see the text size).
  • I would print earlier (to get the glossy paper before its finished) using glossy paper instead of matt would’ve worked better with my poster colors.
  • I would edit my first WORD poster more to fix the focus of the image before working on the placement of (LOGO , Paragraph , Sentence).

M&P 003 FINAL Schadenfreude #7

The Project itself :

The fact that our project had to go third instead of first got me nervous!
the order kept on changing and that caused me to panic a little.
But when our installation presentation actually started things went well (not really according to plan) but we certainly managed to deliver our idea !
everyone got excited playing the game!, then they all felt it was unfair cause of one team having the gloves ! and some mentioned how unfair it was for some teams to have 2 guys in them against another team with no guys at all.!
our audience was able to feel understand our concept without us explaining it to them! and i believe that’s when we can say GOAL ACHIEVED !. or Schadenfreude achieved ! 😀
The Emotional experience :
when everyone complained and said “What ?? unfair ! … hey… you guys we will kill you!! the gift is trash … everything is unfair” that’s when they’ve experienced the misfortune emotionally!
The Visual/material Experince :
the setting of our installation, vinyl themed stickers, rope, chairs, entering queue. all was set up properly and crafted as good as it could possibly be within the time we were given.
add on the highballs (Capitol) people, the way they were dressed and having blue and white roses showing superiority! made it clear
The Sound Experience :
the music choice that would set the contestants into the game intense mood and the finale music when the winners have to hand over their prize the music chosen is somewhat sad and rewarding at the same time, conveying the emotional conflict the teams are going through!
Final reflection:-
I believe everyone in the group worked equally in their own different way. we faced some miscommunication problems but when i saw how the other groups are struggling i realized we were actually having things way better.
but still
I think if i work with a similar group i will make sure to be more clear with the member that is trying to move forward alone and make sure they understand what group work truly means. and just because this person is my friend i shouldn’t let this make me not point out their mistakes clearly because i’m scared it might affect our friendship.
But in order to do that i will have to work on myself in translating my ideas and being able to deliver my thoughts clearly. i never realized this before but i am not capable of explaining myself to others if they are not my close friends.
I got to see myself in this group project, myself in someone else’s body (sounds creepy) but that’s the true, i saw myself in the member with wanting to take control of everything without realizing it!, and i saw myself in the members who would simply not give their opinion when someone wants to take control just so they won’t get into an argument.
What I have learned :
  • I have bad skills in delivering my thoughts which i need to work on.
  • I take things personally, i cannot separate my friend from my team mate.
  • being a social person helps a lot (getting materials from Abdul as a friend not a staff, talking with facilities and security to get certain things done)
  • Sometimes i would compromise my own work for the sake of social life or in this case “friendship” which is something I plan to change.
  • Giving someone the lead isn’t always the right way to avoid arguments, and equal work isn’t equal if we don’t consider the members individual capabilities.
  • even though I said to myself i will start working in group projects with the idea of “it’s just business, nothing personal”… you cannot really work like that all the time, sometimes you need to be considerate of what others are going through, after all we are all human beings not robots!.
  • our project was meant to take 8 minutes only..(my group members freaked out and rushed things through).. but i found out from a video recording that our entire project took less than 5 minutes 🙂 .. because of panic and panic! we were scared we might not make it in time, when in fact we had enough time.. so sometimes we need to take a deep breath and calm down.
At the end I did what i believe in, embracing it all…
so I tried to embrace the stress, the fun part, the physical and mental pain that i went through individually and with my group.

M&P 003 Schadenfreude #6

Final Day!:

Yeo got to VCU early and found out that facilities moved the sofas back to their original place, and they moved the hammocks and the tennis table that were in the saffron hall towards our working space (because interior had their exhibition installed on their other side)
after receiving a text from Yeon in the group, i came to VCU and had to talk to facilities and the security to make sure our space is cleared again! and this simply made me and the entire group get a bit stressed
But we all went up stairs to the classroom and settled there until its time for us to get dressed!
individual work:
I was in charge of the final touches of the day!
-popcorn, roses , adjusting speakers/mic , professors face paint.
since i saw the other groups struggling with one of their member not showing up or leaving when they need them. i decided to call a service to go get the roses and popcorn just to make sure i don’t leave in case my group needs me!
Group work :
get ready and rehears ..
// even though Yeon told me to memorize my lines as the MC to be more professional she sort of freaked out when she saw me practicing without the cards. i know i have it in me to simply lead as an mc … but how can i explain this to my group member without sounding “cocky”… :/ I told her not to worry (like i’ve been saying the past two weeks) and decided that I won’t explain to her that i am capable of doing this and will simply DO IT! 🙂
the most entertaining group work time we’ve spent as a group was when we were all putting makeup, it was silly, it was fun , weird , and simply stressless…
oh but it sure was messy too! ;P
and of course we got to put face paint on our High Class Leaders!
President Law and Emperor Leland 😀 !

M&P 003 Schadenfreude #5


The day before!

overall work! (individual and group work)
we put the burned bread and empty bottles in the new bags that Maha got.
i wrapped the Prize box while the rest of the group went to look ahead how to arrange the chairs.
Latifa , Maha , and Yeon started arranging the main two chairs and the two blue sofas.
>>i realized that the group with Yeon leading it would go do work without mentioning it in the group <<
*i felt bad that they had to do this work while i was doing the complex gift wrap* so i told them I would do the rest on my own.
Below Chairs/Sofas/tables arrangements
the outcome of the day:-
  • I struggle more when i’m working with a group that WANTS to work. i am the type that would take the lead all the time.
  • somehow the group is functioning towards getting the job done but really lacking miscommunication.
  • one of the members is someone who need to be in charge, if one member disagrees (me) then she would simply work without me knowing with the other members ( wouldn’t say it in the group…)..
  • I am keeping a front of optimism in front of my group members.and i’m wondering if they’re doing the same… we are not truly communicating …