I have been told before that the difference between a designer and an artist is that a designer’s work would not reflect the designer’s emotions whereas an artist’s work is completely emotional based. Since I have been told that, I have always asked myself “Am I a designer? or an artist? what am I?”.

Even though I am a Graphic Designing student, all my completed projects were based on a part of my past, present, or aspiring future. An essential element of my work has always been a current event or incident that I am living during making the project. Usually, that is what decides the general theme of the project I am designing. In reality, sometimes these events are to much to handle, therefore in my imaginary artistic world, I get to shape them into different possibilities. I make sure that the lack of the new expensive sources never limit the range of my creativity, nor do I let it affect the quality of my work.

What motivates me the most, is when I am told I cannot complete a project. I am a person who believes in the saying “If it does not exist, then I should make it. If it already exists, then I better improve it”. I am also someone who tries to create an impossible target for themselves, and then focus my mind and body strength towards achieving that goal and proving that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and in your abilities, especially when you are passionate about your work.

I believe I am a designer with an artistic approach. My projects and art pieces are following the basics of designing, yet they hold within parts of my emotions, believes, and ideas. My goal is to be able to tell the story of those who are weak and cannot speak for themselves, for I once used to be one.