Week 2 (NUMB)

during this week, I fell into a hole of physical/mental illness.

my anemia (blood/iron deficiency) reached a very critical level where I had no power to work…

and having a depression episode wasn’t helpful (since it was the first time I realize what it was…)

total NUMBNESS ( not physically … but mentally )

Oddly, throughout this week… I would think of how the posters might turn out, the only that came to mind was the poetic one… and other than how i visualized the nude body coming out of the dark shadow…

during this time.. when i would stare at the ceiling i would see words of things i think of (not related to this course/project).

after getting out of that phase… I realized that this floating words i would read while staring at (anything really) could be floating on my poetic poster…

other than that… it sadness me to say that … my week was empty.


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