week 1/2 poster post:-

Choosing the movie/book/game etc

List of options:

  • Barton Fink
  • Big Lebowski
  • The Departed
  • Eraser Head
  • Donnie Brasco
  • A clockwork orange
  • Jerry Magguire
  • The Lord Of The Rings
  • The 40 years old virgin
  • Donnie Draco
  • The Unexpected guest (Agatha Cristi )





The Following is a summary of the game


Introduction (beginning )

Virtuous Mission

Metal Gear Solid 3 is set before the events of first Metal Gear during the Cold War in 1964, where a CIA agent, codenamed “Naked Snake”, is sent to the jungles of Tselinoyarsk, in the USSR. Aided over the radio by Major Zero, Para-Medic, and his former mentor The Boss, his mission is to rescue a defecting Soviet scientist named Sokolov who is secretly developing an advanced nuclear-equipped tank called the “Shagohod”. The mission goes smoothly until The Boss appears on the scene, who announces to Snake that she is defecting to the USSR, and provides her new benefactor, Colonel Volgin, with two Davy Crockett miniature nuclear shells.Sokolov is captured by Cobra Unit and Snake is heavily injured and thrown off a bridge by The Boss, allowing Volgin and his cohorts to escape with Sokolov. Volgin detonates one of the nuclear shells to cover up its theft, which is subsequently blamed on The Boss.Snake is recovered using the Fulton Recovery System.


Operation Snake Eater

Having detected the U.S. aircraft which deployed Snake flying over Soviet soil, the Soviet Union declares the United States responsible for the nuclear attack, tipping both nations to the edge of a nuclear war. In a secret conference between U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, a deal is hatched to prove the U.S.’s innocence and restore peace. The United States agrees to stop Volgin’s renegade faction, destroy the stolen Shagohod and eliminate the American defector, The Boss.

A week after being rescued from the region, Snake is redeployed into the Soviet jungle as part of “Operation: Snake Eater”, to fulfill the United States’ promises. During the mission, he gains the assistance of another American defector, ex-NSA agent EVA, who defected a few years earlier (though she is informed she would be helped by ADAM, who defected with her).After numerous encounters with the elite Ocelot Unit (led by a young Revolver Ocelot), and defeating nearly every member of Cobra Unit, Snake succeeds in locating Sokolov and the stolen Shagohod, only to be captured in Volgin’s military fortress, Groznyj Grad. After listening to Volgin brutally beat Sokolov to death, Snake is tortured by Volgin and loses his eye while protecting EVA from Ocelot, who was attempting to kill her upon suspecting her of being a spy; Snake ultimately escapes.

When he returns to the facility to destroy the Shagohod, Snake is once again confronted by Volgin and learns of “The Philosophers”. Made up of the most powerful men in the United States, Soviet Union, and China, they were a secret organization who controlled the world behind the scenes. However, after the end of World War II, they began to fight amongst themselves, and the organization broke down. The Philosopher’s Legacy, a fund the organization had jointly amassed to finance their wars ($100 billion), was divided up and hidden in banks all over the world.[33] Volgin had illegally inherited this money,[34] and Snake learns that the U.S. is attempting to retrieve it.

Snake continues his mission, destroying the facility and the Shagohod tank, while engaging Volgin, who is killed by a bolt of lightning during the battle. Snake and EVA travel to a lake, where a WIG ground effect vehicle is hidden. Before they use it to escape the region, Snake confronts his old mentor, The Boss, whom he must assassinate to complete his mission.


After an emotional battle, The Boss gives Snake the microfilm containing the location of the Philosopher’s Legacy and requests Snake to kill her. Soon after, Snake overcomes his feelings and kills The Boss, emerging victorious. He and EVA escape to Alaska and spend the night together as they make love. During the night, EVA disappears with the microfilm and leaves behind a tape revealing herself to be a Chinese spy sent to steal the Philosopher’s Legacy for China. The tape continues, and EVA reveals that The Boss did not defect to the Soviet Union; rather, she was under orders to pretend to defect so she could infiltrate Volgin’s ranks and find the location of the Legacy, which could be brought back to America. The final part of her mission was to sacrifice her honor and die at the hands of Snake, under the guise of a traitor, to prove the U.S.’s innocence in Volgin’s nuclear attack during the Virtuous Mission.

Snake is awarded the title of “Big Boss” and given the Distinguished Service Cross for his efforts by President Johnson in front of his FOX Unit and other officials; however Snake has become so distraught and demoralized after EVA’s revelation that he leaves almost immediately after getting his medal, hardly acknowledging Major Zero, Para-Medic, and Sigint. Later, he arrives at an anonymous grave, The Boss’s, just one of thousands located in Arlington National Cemetery. Laying down The Boss’s gun and a bouquet of lilies upon the nameless gravestone,he scans the endless rows before him, salutes, and sheds a single tear, knowing that The Boss will forever be seen by the world as a terrorist, and a traitor to her nation, and that her true patriotism will be known by only EVA, himself, and others who knew of her mission.

After the credits roll, Ocelot is heard talking to the KGB Chief Director over the telephone. After suggesting that the KGB use the knowledge of both the Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater to blackmail the United States during future negotiations, he then calls another, unidentified man. Ocelot informs him that the microfilm stolen by EVA was a fake and that half of the Philosopher’s Legacy is now in America’s hands, with the other half held by the KGB. It transpires that Ocelot has been triple-crossing everyone from the very beginning. He then reveals that he is, in fact, ADAM, that he is talking to the director of the CIA, and that he has been working for the said agency all this time.


Key Elements:

MGS Snake Eater:-

  • Objects:
  1. Headband ( he got it from Boss his mentor/friend, and this headband became Snake’s trademark)
  2. CalorieMate ( the game players would recognize that the calorieMate is Snake’s best food to regain energy and stamina, and it became later on associated with the game.)
  3. Cigar (Habana: it’s Snake’s favorite kind of cigars, and he would smoke it to regain stamina although it would lower his energy ).
  4. Eyepatch ( Snake lost his eye during the intorigations where Boss was asked to prove that she’s doesn’t care about him anymore by taking out his eye, but instead he lost it when Ocelot wanted to shoot EVA -same scene- )”take out his pretty blue eyes” that’s what the Russian Colonel Volgan said to BOSS.
  5. The Shagohod ( the actual METAL GEAR and first of its kind!)
  6. The Philosophers Legacy ( the information this entire game/mission was really revolving around )


  • Other:
  1. Boss’s Chest Scar ( her scar she got it when she was pregnant back when she was in the army unit and they took away her child -thought to be dead- it looked like a snake -the scar- which kind of creates that odd relationship between Boss and “Snake/Jack” mother and son).
  2. Sorrow’s Broken Glasses ( Sorrow a member of Boss’s old unit -The Cobras – and her dead lover )
  3. -Snakes
  4. -Snake’s Beard
  5. -The Cobra Unit (Boss’s former unit, and associates during her fake mission against USA, each had a feeling associated with them and Snake had to kill them all throughout the game )
    1. The BOSS ( her weapon, Patriot gun)
    2. The Pain (bees he had bees all over him )
    3. The Fear (he would use arrows )
    4. The END ( a sniper , ould be always in the jungle and had a parrot with him all the time)
    5. The Fury ( an astronaut who used fire )
    6. The SORROW ( DEAD / DEATH , Scientist )Cobra_Unit_Members
  6. The Soviet Union ( COLD WAR ) !


I need to discuss this matter with a fan of the game (and someone who would understand what this project would require )


Levi ( our professor ) is a fan of the game, and know the story!

so when I showed him the key elements  I came up with he pointed out that the Soviet Union mixed with the Shagohod (a metal gear ) would be a good key element,  it was odd to have SU mixed up with a metal gear, since metal gears were usually associated with Japan or the United States!

Also from the objects list of elements the ones he thought are stronger and significant to the game would be,

the Headband, eyepatch , the shagohod.

I had an idea of how we can attract those who do not know much about the game but also attract the fans, with showing a nude image of the boss’s chest (scar) for the fans they will be thrilled to see that the story will be talking about the boss/snake relationship. and for those who do not know about the game…. well…. NUDES!…. (sorry, but it’s true )


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