WORD FINAL with lines.jpg






even though it was a very short (time wise) kind of project but i think i learned more from it in terms of ‘design’.


  • figuring out the right size for the paragraph in relation to the size of the poster and make sure it is visible but not (too big like kids book).
  • finding the right place for the Letter (Logo). and making sure it’s not a boring or cheesy place.
  • working with colors for the text that would suit the poster and at the same time would show the text.
  • finding the right type face for the paragraph and the sentence in relationship to the the type face of the WORD.
  • making sure that my paragraph doesn’t lose it’s meaning (by cutting it to parts) and the parts should fit in the possible positions i found based on the alignment!
  • having a design/system/method that works with the backyard and the new elements i’m placing!


I learned:-

  • not any empty space is always the right place to put text on.
  • even though it was my struggle, i learned how to work with color of the text and the backyard (poster).
  • Text are objects!
  • being able to place a logo (that makes no sense) on an organic poster!



what i would do better:-

  • I would try more with different compositions, and print them on A1 sized paper (to make it easier to see the text size).
  • I would print earlier (to get the glossy paper before its finished) using glossy paper instead of matt would’ve worked better with my poster colors.
  • I would edit my first WORD poster more to fix the focus of the image before working on the placement of (LOGO , Paragraph , Sentence).

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