Challenges :

  • finding an interesting composition yet as minimal as possible without copying another artist’s style.
  • working with colors, i did not learn how i can really work with colors and use them to highlight a word or part of my sentence.

what worked best:

  • the context of my sentence made it fun for me to work with this sentence, i was able to somehow figure out ways to let the reader pause then realize s/he is being scolded for “ignoring their mother”.

what did not work:

  • I still don’t know how to have different compositions for different scales (A4, A3…etc) even after i print all i really see is change of type size.

the (     !    ) moment:-

When I noticed how the two words “Calm” and “Mother” sort of merge together and realized i actually have control on how the reader read things, without changing the word itself , but by simply playing with the compositions , kerning , and tracking i am basically controlling the reading speed of the viewer! (felt somewhat empowered).

What i learned:

  • yes Type should be treated as shape most of the time, but sometimes when you it’s a short sentence you can dress the context of your text to make your design interesting.
  • i need to experiment more in order to learn what i a cannot achieve (using colors)
  • as a designer you don’t just have control over the visual reaction of the viewer, but also how they read your text!
  • there is no bad composition (well there are boring ones yes yes wedding invitation) but some text compositions would work depending on where you position them and the space they’re used in. we can never say “a certain layout is BAD always” just like there is no perfect typeface (but yes Comic sans is bad ^^’).

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